Hey! I am Meg! We are a South African family who moved to Ireland at the end of 2016. I blog about our life as expats, how we moved overseas and what it is like to live in Ireland. It is our goal to find a way to live more simply so that we can travel more, and we hope this blog inspire others to do the same. 

Because I am all about living a simple life and one with less clutter, I am mindful of the mails coming into your inbox. When you sign up below, you are signing up to receive a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will share the latest blog posts I write, plus some other interesting things that I find on the interwebs that I think you will find interesting too! I promise this newsletter will add value, and my aim is to limit to one newsletter a month because I know it’s frustrating getting too many emails!

I hope that this blog inspires you to live simply and travel slow,

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