Welcome to This is us... Living

I blog about our life as expats
, how we moved overseas and what it is like to live in Ireland. It is our goal to find a way to live more simply so that we can travel more, and we hope this blog inspire others to do the same. 

Because I am all about living a simple life and one with less clutter, I am mindful of the mails coming into your inbox. You will only get emails when I post new, valuable content (2-3 posts a month).

I hope that this blog inspires you, gives you insight and helps you to take action to live your best life!


P.S here are some tips on how to navigate the blog:
  • Contact: Looking to get in touch with me? Are you a brand who wants to work with me? Sweet, I love getting mail. Email me here.
  • Living Abroad: This is where you get real insight into our life; how we moved countries,  what living in Ireland is really like, and all the info you need to decide if living abroad is the right move to make.
  • Simple Living: We are on a mission to simplify our home; cut down on expenses and started living an intentional and simple life filled with travel!
  • Slow Travel: If you are looking to be inspired, and want to see where we have traveled to and what we suggest you do/see - then you definitely need to check out our Slow Travel Inspiration.
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